Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection
Mark Twain

Authentic feedback for imperfect humans.

Feedback is hard, but we're fixing it.

Kaizen is a self-directed approach to professional growth. Free to get started.
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“Kaizen improved the way I work within the first week of using it 🙌”
Pierre L
“Now that we work remotely, Kaizen gives me x-ray vision into my performance.”
Matt A
Product designer
“Kaizen is my crystal ball, showing the paths I might take to do better in the future 🔮”
Carly E
Product owner
For busy, remote teams on
before Kaizen
Feedback evalutes your value to the company
Feedback gathered after logging into enterprise-scale HR systems
Feedback delivered once or twice a year, from your manager
and day
after Kaizen
Feedback helps you chart your career
Feedback gathered in rhythm, through Slack and email
Feedback delivered immediately and continously, from your teammates
Trusted by feedback-forward teams everywhere
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